We are a small boutique that takes great pride in our work and craftsmanship. At Saad’s Tailors, we specialize in men & women as well as children

Leather Jackets: Replace that old leather worn out lining

Denim Alterations: Would you like to taper your legs on your wide jeans maybe shorten them using the original hem? adjust the hips on any jeans or corduroy so that it fits like a glove!
Garments Reconstruction and Hardware Repair: If your zipper no longer works or your button fell off we can fix it along with any garment hardware
Mens service 
Suit Resizing: Sleeve length, taking in the sides, fix the neck roll, letting out or taking in your waist and seat, taper or hem etc
Coat sizing: Do you have a great coat you had for years but feel it would look better shortened let us adjust your coat with excellent precision
tuxedo Resizing: Be the best dressed man at your next event, without buying a new tuxedo
Dress shirts Resizing: When you buy a shirt of the rack they typically have the shirt size by your neck but just because your neck is the right size does not mean the shirt will fit you like a glove you will be amazed how we tak in the shirt from your arms to the side also can shorten your sleeve length
Women Service 
Dress Resizing and Restyling: Reshape your favorite dress or gown, you would be surprised what you have in your closet.
Ladies  Suits and Blazer resizing: Bring in the sides, or fix your sleeves, change the length of the coat, etc…
Ladies Bridal and bridesmaid dress: Its the biggest day of your life make sure those dresses are perfect

Suit & Tuxedo Alterations
Shorten Sleeves $40
Sides In or Out $45
Lower or Shorten Collar $55
Reduce Chest $75
Shorten Coat $55
Rotate Sleeves $150
Deepen Armhole $75
Halfback Out $45
Close Vent $35/ea
Imitation Buttonholes $10/ea
Cut Sleeve Buttonholes $15/ea
Recut Jacket $275

Slacks & Jeans Alterations
Waist/Seat In or Out $30
Waist, Seat & Crotch In or Out $35
Bottoms (Plain or Cuff) $15
Bottoms (Original Hem Jeans) $25
Taper Thigh/Leg (Including Hem) $40
Crotch Lining $25
Lower Waistband $80
Suspender Buttons $35
Remove Pleats $150
Recut Trouser $175
Recut Pants $140

Vest Alterations
Sides In or Out $30
Lower or Shorten Collar $50
Shoulder Pads $35
Reduce Chest $50
Shorten/Lengthen Vest $80

Shirt & Blouse Alterations
Shorten Sleeves $35
Bottom Holes on Sleeve $10-EachBottom
Sides In/Out $35
Taper Shirt (Bicep/Elbow In) $15
Raise Armhole $55
Change/Move Buttons $5/ea

Skirt Alterations (Start at $35)
Waist/Seat In or Out $30
Shorten/Lengthen Hem $40
Lower Waistband $80
Close Vent $50/ea
Recut Skirt $200