If you’re looking for a new suit, there are lots of different colors to consider. Unless you’ve got a huge closet and a huge wallet, you’re probably going to have to narrow down your decision to two or three of your favorite colors. Ultimately, it’s up to you, and different colors work best for different people. But here are a few of our favorite and most popular options.


  1. Tan – A tan suit is great if you’d like to look formal but also laid back. If you’re in a more traditional environment, you’ll want to opt for darker colors, but tan is a great color for most daytime events. It’ll also serve you well if you’re wearing it in the heat of the summer sun.


  1. Brown – Brown suits aren’t as common as black or navy blue, but they’re a solid option if you favor dark colors and want to stand out a bit more. Make sure you wear a light-colored shirt underneath, and a dark pair of shoes will also complement your suit nicely.


  1. Black – Black is often thought of as the prototypical suit color, so you might be surprised that it’s not at the top of the list. Indeed, it’s tough to go wrong with a black suit if you want to convey power and class. Just be mindful that it’s not the best choice for outdoor events, and that it may come across a little somber during lighthearted occasions.


  1. Grey – Dark grey, light grey, it doesn’t matter: Grey suits are always on point, and they carry all the refinement of a black suit with some added versatility. Wear a light-colored shirt and a bright tie with your grey suit to keep from looking too drab.


  1. Navy – Navy suits are just as classy as black ones, but with that extra little touch of color. They’re perfect for anyone from political types to wedding guests to job interviewees, and they look great with pretty much any color of shirt. It’s a tough call, but navy blue has the edge over the competition if you’re in search of that perfect look.