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1. It’s an Investment in Yourself

A great custom suit is truly an investment in you. A custom suit will always set you apart from the crowd in the right way. Wearing a custom suit gives you the confidence and poise of a true gentleman. You will look and feel much better as soon as you put your amazing custom suit on!

2. Fine Fabric is the Key

The finest fabrics known to man go into making the perfect suit. The variety and material quality far exceed that of department-store suits. The look and feel of the high-quality fabrics is subtle and eye-catching at the same time. It is all in the details.

3. Expect Nothing Less than the Perfect Fit

When fitting you for your custom suit, we take the time and care to ensure that every stitch is to your liking. The style and cut will be customized to fit your body type from head to toe. Everyone is different, and you’ll be glad you chose the enhanced comfort of a fresh custom suit.

4. Make Sure it’s Made by Hand

Unmatched quality comes from years of experience from your local tailor. Your suit will be handmade in Houston, Texas, providing you a unique connection to your suit through personal experience.

5. Ask Questions

With the personal customer service you receive when your custom suit is created, you have the ability to give and receive feedback about styles and cuts. Asking questions is highly encouraged so that you can get the exact results you’re looking for.